Bb Bass
Robin Wonnacott

Robin is Hatherleigh born and bred and is one of the Bands longest serving members, he joined on 1st March 1966 as a young lad and says the band have been trying to get rid of him ever since!! Over the years Robin has played most instruments but didn't get on with the trombone (arms not long enough).

He is currently an Bb Bass player and is also Deputy Musical Director. He plays a major part in the Bands everyday running and has held most official positions in the band - Treasurer, Secretary and Musical Director, a position he held previously for 18 years and proudly conducted the band at the 1994 National Brass Band Championships at the Wembley Conference Centre in London.

He has recently retired from his role as Branch Manager for Cornwall Farmers (Agricultural Merchants) in Hatherleigh and Holsworthy, he has his hands full with his 5 grandchildren and his hobbies include Gardening, DIY and of course - Making Music.

Robin says the Band is a major part of his life, giving many hours of pleasure, interest and relaxation.

HSB would not be the Band it is today without the work that Robin has put in over the years.

Eb Bass
Mike Isaac

Mike join Hatherleigh band at the age of 8, playing tenor horn. After two weeks he was offered an Eb bass which he has been playing ever since. Mike is married to Val who plays 2nd Horn in the band and they have two grown-up daughters. Mike's other hobbies are his Koi Carp ponds, Bonsai trees and he loves to play computer games.

Eb Bass
Jason Doidge

Eb Bass
Louisa Mitchell

Lou was strong-armed back into banding in 2008 after moving to Hatherleigh and foolishly mentioning to a player that she'd played brass some 15 years prior as a teenager. She now honestly can't imagine life without the Band, and finds playing Eb Bass the best antidote to an often stressful job as an A&E Consultant.

Lou lives with her long-suffering non-banding other half and gorgeous son and daughter in Hatherleigh.


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